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Question about veneers: don’t the shaved down teeth underneath the veneers hurt or feel sensitive? If not, how come?

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Well technically theyre only supposed to shave the enamel which is made up of minerals like calcium. There's no feeling there, although they may hit some dentin underneath while shaving. The nerve receptors are under the dentin and closer to the gums. Enamel is porous meaning cold and hot liquids can penetrate, and they also conduct heat so you can tell if something is hot or cold. Veneers are not conductive, they're not made of minerals with gaps and things in between. They will actually shield your nerves from heat, cold, and pain. Veneers are made from stronger resin or porcelain which are non-porous so that they hold up better since they can't remineralize like enamel can. Hope that clears some shït up

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