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How do I handle my wife and covid? ?

Me and my wife have two 2 month olds and we recently got tested positive for covid. I know I have to take care of my kids but I’m trying to keep my distance from my wife temporarily by quarantining in our guest room and only coming out to help out with the kids when they get difficult to handle alone. Unfortunately My wife still wants to kiss, hug, sleep in the same bed, have sex and have dinner at the dinner table together. However, I don’t think it’s the smartest idea If we’re trying to battle this virus we both have. Am I wrong for trying to keep my distance a little even in my household? Nd if Im not wrong, how can I convince her to take this (the virus) seriously? 

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    You BOTH tested positive and are taking care of your children? That is incredibly dangerous. Children are NOT immune from the ravages of this disease. PLEASE talk to your family and your doctor immediately. The kids need to be tested and your family will need HELP on how to figure this out. The whole plan of one ill parent spelling the other ill parent but "trying to keep my distance" is a fail plan. You need help from the people who have been dealing with this issue for the last 6 months. TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR. Two year olds touch everything and go everywhere. You need serious professional advice and help. 

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    If you two are both COVID-19 positive you probably shouldn't be doing the hands on care for your newborns. Interacting with each other isn't the problem. It's the very tiny infants that you should be concerned about. If there's a family member who can take them for two weeks that would be optimal. 

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    Yes you are being very stupid ....and selfish. It would be different if you tested positive and your wife was negative. Then it would be wise to take all the measures to isolate yourself. 

    But since you BOTH have it, isolating from her serves no purpose but to keep you from doing anything much while staying at home. Your kids would still be exposed due to your wife handling everything for them so your not helping out is just, well, as I said stupid and selfish. 

    Plus if you are both sick, why do you get to do very little while everything falls on her? . 

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    if you both tested positive it;s ridiculous to try to keep your distance from her since you can not catch a disease from her that you already have. you should be distanced from your kids so they dont catch it from you not distanced from someone who already has it. I hope you are just trolling and not seriously this stupid

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    Ummm.....even if you and the wife have sex all day, every day...

    You can't spread the virus to each other.  If you are 100% positive that you are both infected with COVID, then you two should be acting exactly the way your wife wants to.  You won't make each other sick.  And the sex itself could help one or both of you heal.  Sex is powerful medicine.  Any doctor would agree with me on that sentiment.

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    To protect your kids, wear a face mask or even two if you want to be extra safe. Wash your hands frequently and don’t touch their mouth, nose, or eyes. You can also wear gloves but wash your gloves hands before touching your kids just to kill the virus. 

    The less coronavirus that gets into your body, the less that your body has to fight it off. One if the factor that can determine whether someone lives or dies is how much coronavirus they get into their bodies. The more someone takes in, the faster the corona can multiply which can overwhelm the body. 

    Take the Bronx as an example. Why are so many of them dying. It’s because they live in apartments where the air is recirculated or they live in a crowded unit. They’re breathing in more of the virus than say someone who’s on a cruise ship because a cruise ship has windows and open air so the passengers are getting fresh air. 

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