What are my chances of getting into WSU with a 2.5 gpa? (more info provided)?

I have 3 years of community service (26 hours a week), I have participated in a Varsity Sport, Freshman year was a C average, Sophmore year was a B- average, and junior year was an A average. I am also involved in student government and the college's success foundation. I have also taken AP and Honors courses???

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  • 3 weeks ago

    It depends a lot on what school you mean by WSU (Washington State, Wichita State, Wayne State, Weber State, Winona State, Wright State, Wocester State etc.).

    How can you have a 2.5 if you have a C + B +A averages so far?  (2+3+4) / 3 = 3

    Unless you are being recruited to play a varsity sport, the most important element of your application is your GPA.  If your GPA is below the average for admitted students and the acceptance rate is below 50%, your chances aren't that good.  

    Use a website like Niche to look up the admission rate and the GPA range of admitted students.  

    Also, does the school still require an ACT or SAT score?  If so, a good score and consistent academic improvement can help you. 

  • MS
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    3 weeks ago

    There are a lot of WSU schools, so it's hard to say without knowing which one you mean.  However, that is a rather low GPA when it comes to college admissions.  And most state schools (which I'm assuming this is) focus primarily on GPA and test scores (and possibly less on test scores in the coming year).  They won't look so much at your activities and involvement.  They WILL consider the fact that your grades have improved over the years, and taking harder classes will also look good to them. But you should consider applying to multiple schools and should be prepared to start at a community college.

  • drip
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    3 weeks ago

    Tell us what school you are referring to. 

    With a 2.5 GPA you should be applying to 3-6 universities. And be thinking about starting off at a community college 

  • John
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    3 weeks ago

    Its really impossible to tell, as there are a number of WSUs.  Nationally, there are only a handful of schools which are commonly known by their acronym.  

    Its good that your GPA has increased through your high school years.  There are many small to mid-size 4 year colleges and universities which will give average students a chance.  That is especially true for those students who have shown potential.  

    Unhappily, your GPA was probably impacted by the amount of time you dedicated to extra curriculars (EC).  At most colleges, ECs are a distant third in admissions decisions.  GPA is the most important factor, with SAT/ACT scores a fairly close second.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    The activities don't mean much if you don't have the grades. It does make a difference that you took AP and honors courses. But students with a GPA below 3.0 often need to go to a community college first, do well in the courses there, and then transfer to a university. There's no shame in that- we often advise students to do that because the classes at a cc are smaller, and students get more personal attention. 

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Which WSU are you referring to? Washington State? Wichita State? Weber State? Wright State? I think your resume is solid, but improve that GPA. Also, your SAT score determines your eligibility of admission. Information regarding admission can be found on PrepScholar.

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