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My sister who has Crohn's Disease has yet to get COVID-19. If or when she does how do I show concern so people will think I care?

This sister is a horrible person and I so I will not really care. Because of Crohn's she is high risk so I am going to have to act as though I am worried. I won't be as even if she died I would not shed 1 tear and I don't think anyone else would other then our mother and maybe her co-dependent boyfriend who was emotionally abandoned by his father. 

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    By your own admittance, you do not like your sister so why do you feel obliged to present a facade of care and concern?  If you are comfortable with your decision-making process about your feelings towards your sister, why would you need to pretend otherwise?

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    Help organize the funeral and be supportive of your mother.

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    Nobody cares if you care. Do whatever you want.

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