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Should I try medication for anxiety?

So for a long time, I have been very self-conscious when it comes to being in social groups, classes, etc. I just hate it so much /: Whenever I have to speak up in front of a group I feel nauseous, and most of the time I have difficulty breathing. My body temperature will feel really low. This affects me from having more friends, taking opportunities, going out, and I usually skip class sometimes when I have to present something. The people who can be rude, or a little more hostile make it so much worse, and when I try to speak up they make it known that they can't hear me. I'm getting older, and I'm actually really tired of dealing with this. Should I try medication? 

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    You don't need anxiety medication at all. It's normal to be shy. The best way to deal with this is to start talking to more people. I know it sounds too simple, but it's true. Think about driving, at first it is scary, but with more and more practice you get better at it. Same with talking, you must talk with people, to get better at talking.

    If you still wish to take medication, I recommend this over the counter anti-anxiety medication you can buy off amazon. It's called Anxiety Formula 900mg plus, by NutriSuppz. It won't be as strong as prescription meds, but you don't  have to worry about the bad side effects or addiction as you would with prescription meds.

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    Benzos (anti-anxiety meds) are very toxic  They are one of the most dangerous types of "psychological" meds we know of.  Is it worth the risk?  Probably not dying as you make a greedy corporation richer?  They understand their product (meds) kill and harm people - no one cares.  Do they work in the short term 100%.  So is it worth the risk?  I really can't tell you.  They are worse for women - you a  chick? They are worse for young adults - you 18-25ish?

    Social Anxiety is a symptom of something - it is often suggested to be an "illness" of its own. But SA is caused by something, it is not a natural or healthy state.   You did not tell us much, give history, specifics or patterns.

    Oddly if you are American, Pakistani, Hindu or other this would impact if you should try meds too.  CBD, THC and an occasional shot of Tequila help with SA (really, no troll).  In moderation these things are over 10,000 yrs old and 100% understood.  In excess they are bad.  But if used moderately they are OK. Vaping helps with deep breathing too and is often relaxing.  Google/research benefits of nicotine. 

    Sex and other things help with SA too.  You probably should ask a better question. Have you always attracted negative energy/people. People who use or exploit you?  People who you will give everything to but give nothing back?  People who often seem to intentionally physically or intentionally abandon you?   You might be gifted, it is rare, I have no idea. But what you should do is talk to 1 person who gets it.  Figure out whats going on: C-PTSD; PTSD, BD or BPD......  then go from there.

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    I would try therapy first and THEN meditation if therapy alone wasn't enough,  but your anxiety issue is pretty minor and used to be called being shy. 

    Now, with social media eroding social development coupled with chronic stress and basted in added sugars, the shy person doesn't really stand a chance to overcome their anxieties without help.

    ENTER: Therapy    That's how you learn how to best cope rather than run away,  which is sort of anxitey's job: to warn you away from perceived danger. 

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