Rat lady asked in PetsRodents · 4 weeks ago

What are some natural things I can give my rats to chew on?

I want some natural things for my rats because some chew toys are expensive and when I buy chew toys they are destroyed within minutes. I love walking in nature so while I'm out there what are some things I can grab for them?? 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    The hard wood chew toys are not so expensive and should last a good while like weeks.

    Alternatives are brown paper bags, they play with them a while then shred them for bedding.

    Popsicle sticks are fine. I made my ratties a nice multi level play castle of them, cut peeky boos with a dremel. Took a long time before that was destroyed.

    Driftwood is nice, but you need to sanitize it in an oven first, that'll hold them over.

    In woods, just no aromatic woods like cedar and avoid high pitch woods.

    Maybe look online for DIY rat toys, lots of stuff dirt cheap if not free.

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