Why did my Internet stop connecting at log in screen?

I had recently changed my wireless network name (SSID). I've noticed that when I boot up my computer, at the Windows log in screen, it won't automatically connect to the Internet anymore. I manually have to click on the globe (Internet) icon on the lower right corner, which then connects to my network. If I don't do it at the log in screen, then it even takes longer to connect when I'm on my desktop. Same thing, need to click on it to connect.

2 Answers

  • Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    once you're logged in, disconnect from wifi.

    then connect again, and check the auto-connect checkbox.

    if you don't see the checkbox, you may need to forget the network first, then reconnect.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Most likely your PC (specifically your wireless card and/or its driver) is confused due to the change in SSID.

    You didn't ask, but I reckon you'd like a solution for this, which I don't really have, although I can tell you what I'd try: delete your wifi profiles. At the minimum delete any other SSID's the same router ever used, and any SSID's that have the same name (if any).

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