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Is it bad this kid doesn't want to see a psychologist?

I know a kid who wants to become a teacher when he grows up because he wants to experience yelling when angry and yelling at students who misbehave. He says teachers always yell at him even when he does nothing wrong now he wants to become a teacher to be allowed to yell and doesn't want to talk to a psychologist.

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    Teachers are *not* supposed to ever yell or exhibit abusive behavior towards students.  Yes, that individual (or his parents, if under age 18) should preferably make an appointment with a licensed mental health professional.

    Either a licensed *clinical psychologist* (PhD or PsyD) or a *licensed-clinical social worker* (LCSW) may provide an "official" mental health diagnosis and/or may administer cognitive-behavioral therapy (cbt), for instance, which deals with how one's thoughts may affect one's behavior.

    A variation of cbt that may apparently help those with anger issues, for instance, is referred to as dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT).

    This website should have some local counseling agencies:

    Their toll-free 24/7 ** referral ** hotline:

    1-800-662-HELP (4357).

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    that dont sound like a good reason to be a teacher

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