Kitty asked in PetsFish · 3 weeks ago

Something's wrong with my betta fish..?

I've had this betta for a while and shes been fat for that while. She's gotten alot bigger to the point where I'm extremely worried. She wont breed with any of the males I have, and if she has eggs, shes not releasing them. I don't know what's wrong, and I don't know how to help her because this has never happened before. Please tell me what to do before my fish dies 😓


It wont let me give a picture of her

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    Have you noticed if she has been pooping? have you noticed raised scales? is she eating? can you try to find live or frozen daphnia to feed her.

    You can look up reasons for bloating on google, or try posting this in Fishlore .com were you can post back and forth with helpful people.

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