Does it matter if I get a Bachelor's Degree in General Psych or I/O Psych?

I've heard that I/O Psych is sort of an emerging field and there'll be alot of job potential for it but I've also heard that Bachelors degree's in anything other than STEM just shows you can sit in a class and remember things so I don't know if employers or Grad Programs will care if I get my degree in Gen Psych or I/O Psych. 

Like will it look better at all? Sort of where I'm at is, I can graduate this semester with a Bachelors in Gen Psych, or I can take one more elective and Graduate next semester with a Bachelor's in I/O Psych. I'm just not sure which is the better choice. 

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  • MS
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    4 weeks ago
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    If you want to work in the I/O field, then a degree in that will be more valuable than a general bachelor's degree.  Not many institutions offer a bachelor's degree in I/O though, so I'm not sure that job prospects will be significantly better without a graduate degree.  Students who graduate with a master's in I/O psych are able to get pretty good jobs.  I would talk to an advisor or professor in your department to see what opportunities are available to you.  

    And there are still plenty of job opportunities in the field of psychology for those with a bachelor's degree.  Don't let people discourage you.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    It depends on the job you want. I/O psychology is really applying psychology to a business environment.  It would be helpful if you wanted a career in Human Resources or even management consulting.  If you want to get a Masters in Counseling or plan to work in advertising, I/O isn't really going to help you out. 

  • Pearl
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    4 weeks ago

    i would just get whichever one you want

  • 4 weeks ago

    A psych degree of any sub-discipline will make you perfectly employable in many fields, including retail, assembly, fast food and housekeeping.

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