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Low lights on bleached hair?

I've been trying to add low lights to my hair and it keeps fading. I used to have platinum blonde hair and over the past year have been slowly adding darker shades of blonde. It look me a really long time to be able to retain a constant medium blonde but I would really like to add more dimension to my hair. Since it will be extremely hard to add even low lights myself, I was thinking of coloring all my hair with a 4 or 5 Wella color charm with a 10v developer. And then bleaching little strands to add some highlights. My goal is to not ruin my hair too much. I also realize that I'm definitely not a professional and that it's difficult to do your own hair, but I would really appreciate your responses! 

Thank you!

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    Good idea but, you don't need to bleach them! Use color oops , Its this amazing color remover that doesn't even damage hair. Actually leaves it in better shape because it removes build-up. There's the regular & they make one that only removes a little bit. The second works for removing darker blonde shades. 

    I have the same color hair and it accidentally turns too dark when I try to dye some deeper color into it, the platinum blonde I'm not happy with either. 

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