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How to build a small fan cage for a school project?

Anyone have any ideas on how to build a fan cage for a school project. The blade is 6 1/2 inches in diameter. I can't buy this part as a certain amount of the project has to be made by me. I've thought about making it from wire but if i bend wire by hand it will look dodgy so does anyone have any ideas on how to build a small fan cage that will look semi proper?

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  • 5 months ago

    start with chicken wire or similar that has the anti-finger insertion holes pre-formed

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Buy ready-made wire mesh by the sheet (or cut up a cheap mesh stationery tray). You then snip it and fold to create your cage. Or use aluminium angle and make a frame and then epoxy glue areas of mesh behind. If you only need front to be open make a little timber picture frame and staple in the mesh from behind. paint grey or black. I would probably use a colander or metal sieve, but that may be too ready-made for you.

  • Pearl
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    5 months ago

    if you put this question on the search bar it might show you how to do it

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