Small Business- Where do they buy the products?


I often see on tik tok how people with a small business for example sell eyelashes. The eyelashes are always beautifully packaged and the entrepreneurs have 10 different types and at least 30 of all of them in stock, although they are a small business.

Where do these eyelashes come from? I don't think they make them at home. Do they buy the lashes from other companies and then sell them with a different packaging?

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  • 2 weeks ago

    They buy them from places like and re sell them. There are also wholesalers out there who will....for a fee...out your Company LOGO on products for you to re-sell.

    For example: Starbucks manufactures and packages one of the 'Kirkland' varieties of coffee that is sold at COSTCO.

  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    they probably just buy them from other companies

  • Bort
    Lv 6
    3 weeks ago

    Wholesale bulk. Small businesses that sell items actually re-sell the items they stock. They rarely to never actually make the products they have, they don't have the resources to do that and they're just a sales entity they're not a production entity. Buying items in bulk packages from Wholesalers allows the seller to mark up the price of each individual item and profit from the individual sales of each item. Example:

    Seller buys a box of 100 sticks for the price of $10 per box of 100.

    They sell each stick for $1. They profit .90c for each sale and $90 each box. 

    The seller doesn't pocket all of that profit. A percentage goes to each bill, called overhead, they have to pay such as utilities for the building (electricity, water, security, paying staff, etc). 

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