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How to get my senior community morning coffee and dog walk meetup back after a small incident?

We met up at Starbucks today and walked to the dog park next door like every other morning and Debbie’s husband Kirby noticed that Karen’s husband Theodore didn’t his mask on today. Kirby made some comments and things got a little heated. Kirby then threw his hot coffee at theodore’s dog and the whole cup hit him in the face and got him soaked. Theodore still refused to put on the mask and Kirby then proceeded to punch him in the face and spit on him, then blew some snot him. He told him he hopes he gets sick. I managed to separate them. The other group members got freaked out and most went home and said they weren’t coming back. One called the police. The responding officer was obviously a rookie. He tried to make sense of the situation and he laughed. He told us there’s nothing he could do and went to smoke a joe and played on his telephone in his squad car. But everyone went home and I called around earlier and nobody wants to go back. Me and my grandson have such good times there and today my grandson just took pictures on his phone and laughed at the whole situation for some reason. I want things to be right again and I just want my group back. If I can’t I’ll just move to another town and start another. Any suggestions?

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    So Kirby managed to spit and blow snot on Theodore, while wearing a mask? That's quite an accomplishment. And threw coffee on a blameless dog? Your friends are real winners. Then a police officer ignored physical assault and went to smoke in his car? This is all a bunch of crap you've made up. Who knows why? But, if it were true, I'd tell you to find some better friends. 

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    You can't.  This is why people don't live in Senior Communities.  Too much drama.

    "Blew snot on him?"  Where is this community?  Threw scalding coffee in a dog's face?  Again, where?

    What would I do if anyone threw coffee on my dog?  I'd file a Police Report with the Chief of Police.  Has that occurred to anyone?

    I'm confused.  Your neighbors take their dogs to the dog park, and you take your grandson?

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