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Chinese tv shows Chinese beating up Japanese soldiers during WWII. When will it start showing beating up American soldiers?

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    --  During WW-2 the Chinese were American allies.

    --  The American general, (Vinegar) Joe Stillwell, fighting under the India- China-Burma Theatre commanded by the British in India,  was technically in charge of all Chinese soldiers, both Nationalist Chinese and the Communist 5th Army.

    --  Unfortunately, Chiang Kaishek, the leader of the Nationalist soldiers, disliked Stillwell and kept the best armed and trained soldiers out of any fighting. The second best armed and trained were used more for fighting the Communist 5th Army and rarely fighting the Japanese.  The worst trained and armed soldiers were allowed to be used by Stillwell, but often Chiang Kaishek would countermand his orders. They fought in bioth China and Burma under his command.

    --  It was the Communist 5th Army that mostly fought the Japanese and defending themselves from the Nationalists.

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