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Pro plan vs pro plan focus for puppies ?

What’s the primary difference between pro plan and pro plan focus for puppies? 

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    Focus touts DHA for "focus".  "DHA improves cognitive development and added calcium strengthens teeth and bones throughout the aging process of your puppy" - according to THEIR website.

    I second Maxi's thoughts about all Purina foods.  They use medium to poor quality ingredients.  Sure, large kennels use them, It is a very INEXPENSIVE food.  They give breeders free "PUPPY PACKS" for all new puppy owners to take home & start feeding.  They pay for virtually ALL vet equipment in all veterinary schools & underwrite a ton of grants and scholarships, not to mention UNDERWRITE DOG SHOWS and other dog sporting events.  WHERE do you think they get all the MONEY FOR THIS - and STILL MAKE A PROFIT???

    They use LOW quality meats and meat BY-PRODUCTS, FOOD COLOR, glutens, and LOW QUALITY grains.

    Specifically, they use Brewer's rice as the second ingredient (by WEIGHT) which are rice fragments - STRIPED of all nutritional value.  They use CORN GLUTEN (the most common dog food ALLERGY) which is also STRIPED of all beneficial carbohydrates and amino acids.

    Gee, it could not be that.... they "promote" foods that make dogs sick, could it?  50% OF ALL VET VISITS are for skin problems.  (CAN YOU SAY VET PROFIT from tons of visits while they "TRY" to figure out what the dog is ALLERGIC to and suggest: shampoos, meds, new foods ONLY THEY SELL, etc.?)

    My own vet ESCHEWED all foods based on grains - which she said (from her OWN personal holistic experiences) PROMOTE INFLAMMATION.  High carbohydrate diets produce HIGH SUGAR and that can: induce the growth of struvite kidney & bladder stones YEAST infections, force the dog to make more insulin and that promotes WEIGHT GAIN. GUESS WHAT?  50% of all US dogs fed kibble are OBESE.  Sugar feeds CANCER cells, and sugar increases PAIN in all, already inflamed conditions like ear infections, arthritis and hip dysplasia and can produce smelly intestinal gas- (which many owners complain about) .  

    Dogs (who are carnivores) were NEVER DESIGNED by nature to EAT GRAINS!  The stupid GRAIN INDUSTRY simply needed a new MARKET for EXCESS corn and wheat - which is HOW gain-based kibble foods came about.

    All I know, is that my vet's urging I have switched all my dogs OFF ALL grain, and everyone of them has done better and gotten over many health problems induced by the grains they were eating.  My dogs have all lived LONGER - than any of my breeders' dogs...... fed kibble.

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    I don`t agree this brand is `junk`. (UK) My well established and well respected dog breeder who has been breeding high class GSD pups for many years, rears his pups on Pro plan plus for puppies and Jolly well they do on it as well.

    However, in MY opinion, all this what is best and what is the difference between dog foods has just spiraled into the ridiculous these days.

    Not so long ago ALL dogs whatever age, including pups were fed on Winalot biscuit meal and canned Chappie or Pal meat and scraps from the table and off cuts of meat from the butchers, including offal, tripe etc. 

    Dogs did not suffer from allergies like on the scale they do today and they lived just as long and possibly healthier lives than dogs of today who`s owners are brain washed into buying complete foods that often contain unnecessary fancy ingredients to impress the dogs owner into buying it. 

    Pups will do well on most puppy foods or even adult food if its soaked well before feeding. 

    Dogs are by nature, scavengers and do well on most foodstuff. That`s why feral  dogs often look a picture of health as they eat just about anything they can find that`s edible and thrown out by humans. 

    Dogs have, over the thousands of years that they have been domesticated, evolved a digestive system that is very robust and able to digest a variety of foodstuffs, as humans have fed them just about everything. 

    Very similar to us really. But these days, due to intensive farming and feeding of farm animals , many harmful things get into the food chain, including pesticides, and chemicals from vaccinations and worming products etc given to livestock. All this also goes down the food chain into dog foods. Even if a dog owner feeds raw, there is still contamination in the meat.

    I strongly hate all these controversial debates over what to feed a dog when a dog fed on expensive commercial feed or one fed on raw etc are no healthier or live any longer than dogs of yesteryear who flourished on mainly scraps and leftovers. JMO.

    Ps: sorry for,the rant...but its a subject that gets me going!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Source(s): GSD owner for 57 year. UK.
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