Should I start my own business?

Hello! I really need advice from real people about if i should pursue my dream of starting my own swimwear business at 15. I love to sew and i've made clothing items before in the past, the reason i want to make swimwear is because that is what i am most interested in and i feel like i will have the most creativity with it, however i am only 15 and there are big things coming up in my life such as graduation (i am in grade 11 rn) getting my licence and moving out, i know if this kicks off it will be great and i will make a lot of money but if it fails i don't want to lose all my money from my minimum wage job i have, ya know? so what should i do??? (btw i do have a savings acc for university rn so i guess i could rely on that but is that really smart as i know it will not get me very far, its just to get me started)

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Well, people DO buy swimwear. 

    And most people buy a couple of pieces every year…so you will have customers. Therefore, I will suggest that you make yourself a simple business plan to start…just so you will know what to expect.

    First: let us say you decide you want to earn $50,000.00 every year from your swimsuit business.So now: Write down how much it will cost you in fabric and supplies to make one swimsuit.Second: Write down how much time it takes you to make one swimsuit from the time you put down the fabric and cut it out…to the time it is finished and ready to sell.Third: multiply the time it takes, by how much money you want to earn every hour.Fourth: Add the cost of the fabrics and supplies to the amount you came up with then you multiplied your time by your hourly wage.What you now have is the cost of your swimwear.Now…DOUBLE that cost.That is what you have to sell each swimsuit for in order to make money.Finally, take the cost of each swimsuit and divide that in to $50,000.00 That is how many swimsuits you will have to MAKE AND SELL every year to make $50,000.You want the math? Ok suppose the supplies for the swimsuit cost you $15.00. And let us say it takes you 2 hours to make the swimsuit from start to finish and you pay yourself $15.00 per hour. 2 hours @ 15.00 =$30.00 +(materials) $15.00 = $45.00. To make $50,000.00 you have to work 33 hours a week 52 weeks a year sewing the swimsuits…PLUS you will HAVE TO SELL THEM… to earn $50,000.00 AFTER you pay the expenses of the fabric and supplies.This example does not even take in to account that you will need to lease space, buy sewing machines (you will need 2 at least…what if one breaks?) pay for electricity, heat and computers to run the business…and advertise to get customers. For that, you’d have to sell each swimsuit @ $90.00 each to make money. You, would have to make approximately 1,111 swimsuits every year ..AND sell them…in order to earn your $50,000…after you pay the expenses.Is that something that you WANT to do? Ponce again, I strongly suggest that you make yourself a simple business plan to start…just so you will know what to expect.

  • 4 weeks ago

    So start small.  You're going to have to research which fabrics and extras it's going to take to make suits that function right,  figure out sizes, gender styles,  etc. And sew them as well as the other clothing manufacturers do.  

    Will you have a return policy on them? People ARE putting them on without underwear after all.  Then there is the factor of different color and styles needing to be offered.   For one person to make a go of it, the swimwear line is not easy. 

    Limiting the sewing to something less expansive is a better decision.  I know someone who does dog coats for one breed only (greyhounds) who makes a living at that.  I know people who make dragons and do great at the different renaissance fairs they sell at.    Point being,  narrow the product down,  find how to reach your target market,  and you eliminate a ton of problems. 

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Making money at your dream is unrealstic. Sorry.  Maybe if you change your dream to babysitting?

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