inner ankle pain?

I'm an ex-gymnast/dancer, and I was doing gymnastics in the backyard with my siblings on mat. 

I didn't stretch first (bad idea). I landed my aerial (no handed cartwheel), and my inner left ankle now hurts/twinges when I walk. it's not swollen or anything. I'm pretty sure I didn't twist it (I know what that feels like an it's normally my outer ankle). it has been hurting for 2 days when I run and walk. maybe it's a bone on my foot? what could it be? 

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    Hi there, I am very sorry but the only suggestion I can give you is to seek a medical professional, contact your doctor and book an appointment. If nothing else I'm sure that they can prescribe you medicine to help ease the pain if it is bad or gets any worse.

    Of course you can always apply a warm object like a towel or place your foot in warm water and try to move it around and massage it to see if it eases the pain at all. And if it is hurting try not to strain it or put too much pressure on it, as hard as that may be.

    I hope the pain doesn't get any worse, and if it is not swelling or majorly bruised then I'm sure it is nothing serious so try not to worry yourself. 

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