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What do you think of this ?

So my mom got married 5 years ago. Supposedly my mom told me her fiancé purposed to her and tried to give her A ring of his friends Passed away wife. She rejected it and demanded a different ring.

Is this normal?

And why would someone want to do that

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    There's nothing wrong with a used ring.  The man probably knew the woman and admired her.  Some people don't like the settings and have the stones removed and put into a setting of their choosing.  I have some inherited rings, one in particular that I love.  It does not bother me at all that it once belonged to someone else.  I didn't even like the woman it belonged to but she doesn't come with the ring.  Your mother is lucky that she had an understanding man.  Some men would have told her to rot in H*ll.  You don't see Duchess Kate complaining do you?

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    4 weeks ago

    I think its unrelated to personal finance and I just don't care about it.

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