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Why does the Beatles on cd sound nothing like the original songs?

I have the Beatles album the magical mystery tour , but the tracks on the album don’t sound how they originally did? Like they first sounded in the 1960’s....

The songs on the album sound like they have been tampered with...

Any thoughts??

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    The Beatles do keep tinkering with their back catalogue, it's mostly a case of separating the individual tracks, turning up the bass and generally making everything louder.  I'll be honest 'Magical Mystery Tour' is one of the better remasters in my opinion, I have the an original UK version from the 70's and it doesn't sound that great, I think 'Baby Your A Rich Man' is even in fake stereo?

    But to answer your question, yes they do sound different but it's all down to personal taste which you prefer.

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    4 months ago

    You are relying on memory and that is not reliable. You can do an AB comparison of both by playing a CD and then the album or play them at the same time and switch between them. Many of the earliest CDs simply are digital versions of the original LP masters so they did not sound much different except for the lack of chicks and pops from the CD, but many of the newer ones have been remastered to make them sound better, with more dynamic range and better frequency response. Sometimes the remastering process also includes noise reduction as some of the oldest analog master tapes had a lot of tape hiss. Removing the hiss will also remove some of the music, so it is a balancing act of how much noise reduction the engineer will attempt.

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    4 months ago

    Well dude, they probably have been tampered with. 

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