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Left bike shifter ?

How do I adjust the left thumb shifter on my mountain bike I tried looking on YouTube how to do it but for these thumb shifters it won’t work I have a fujia thumb shifter 

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    Perhaps you meant Fuji thumb shifter.  Fuji makes the bikes, not the components, such as shifters, derailleurs, cassette hubs & so on.  As pointed out, look again.  My guess is, it's either a Shimano or SRAM shifter.  And by using Google, there's tons of articles on how to adjust a shifter and/or a derailleur.  Tons of YouTube videos too.  https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=H9QQX6f...

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    I searched the internet for "fujia thumb shifter" and came up EMPTY.  Maybe you should look again.  Popular thumb shifters are made by Shimano, SRAM & microSHIFT.  They ALL adjust basically the same.  Could be more than one thing wrong too.  Could be the shift cable has simply outlived its time & is all stretched out and/or frayed.  Time to replace it.

    Somewhere (either on the shifter or along the routing of the cable) you should see a barrel nut adjuster.  Turn that counter-clockwise to tighten cable tension.  Clockwise will loosen tension.  

    Plus you NEVER STATED exactly what the problem is.  Won't shift from the low gear up - or maybe the chain falls off shifting from a higher gear back to a lower gear.  Who knows. ???  

    There's a TON of YouTube videos, link below...  Last thought...and this is a really wild idea.  Bike shops give FREE estimates.  Most will charge around $15 to maybe $20 to adjust a derailleur.  

    See link...  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=adjus...     

  • 3 weeks ago

    Exactly what do you mean by adjusting the shifter?  You didn't state exactly what model the shifter is nor post any useful pictures of it.  

    If you can't figure it out by watching a video you certainly won't be able to do it by someone trying to explain it to you on this forum. (If it becomes known exactly what shifter and adjustment you're asking about.)  Take the bike to a reputable bicycle shop.  This task is beyond your skill level.  All to often the unskilled end up doing even more damage, to the point replacement then becomes the only viable option.

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