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Weird sound coming from computer?

I have this weird sound coming from my computer and I'm not quite sure how to make it stop.

I disabled notification alerts but it still plays. It usually plays every one to two minutes in a rhythm between 1 to 5 times in a row. The only thing I've been able to gather from troubleshoot is something with the generic audio driver, but I haven't been able to figure out anything from there since all the drivers are apparently up to date. 


Decided to do a scan with Malwarebytes Premium but it detected nothing.

Update 2:

I've also tried to roll back the drivers, but that also didn't work either.

Update 3:

I downloaded the newest audio driver from the manufacturer's website. While this resolved the generic audio driver problem from the troubleshoot, I'm still getting the noise. Whatever causing it hasn't been fixed yet.

Update 4:

So the generic audio driver problem came back.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Um... what does it sound like?

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