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Are we still in the first wave of covid?

my step father told me the second wave might get worse especially next year

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  • Yes, this is the 1st wave. The 2nd will be deadlier then anything in human history. It will likely begin in November and last through spring. We all must have a will though for those in our families that survive so they will have something to begin a new on as they rebuild among the few survivors that will be left when the carnage is over at the end of next year. This is so much worse then a flu and we will see this in the winter of 2020-2021. 3 out of every 5 people will die this winter in the pandemic. It will be so much worse then any of the flu pandemics. This is not a flu, it is a coronavirus. Without social distancing or masks 99 out of every 100 person would die. Because of the measures out into place it will be 3 out of 5 that die. That is still much of the world. 


    We may laugh here in the 1st wave and say "oh it is just old people who die from it" but in the 2nd wave it will be out classmates, our teenage siblings, our baby, our parents, our children, our uncles and aunts and cousins and of course elderly relatives. Virtually every baby born between November and March will die. This is an apocalyptic disease that no one could ever have imagined. Brace yourselves and prepare your souls. Death looms. Leave a will though, the 1 or 2 survivors in your family will need it if there is a legal system left of any kind. 


    In the words of Dan Rather, "Courage".

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    Yes.  It would have to disappear and reappear to be a second wave, this one hasn’t done so, so it’s still the first

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    Well the labs that are erroneously reporting 100% results have to get their stuff together. So they can report 200% positive findings next time.

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