Given that musicians can upload their music and make a lot of money, what use is there for booking agents, tour managers, etc.?

It seems to me that there are no need for music industry professionals anymore since singers, artists and all other musicians can make a decent pay check and tour nationally and internationally all on their own without help. They can distribute their own music.

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    Because it is an astonishing amount of work organising even a three date tour. You need to organise venues, gear hire, insurance, transport, you might need to hire your own staff like riggers and techs, hotels, support acts, organising the finances of the entire thing, dealing with promoters and ticketing - if not outright doing it yourself, selling merch, possibly doing further events like meet-and-greets or backstage access, filming, maybe recording, licensing, if you're going abroad you will need to deal with visas, customs and making sure your equipment doesn't end up in Ethiopia, you'll need even MORE organisation to do all of that in a culture you're not familiar with - possibly in another language.


  • 3 weeks ago

    I disagree with what you say - it could hardly be more wrong.  In general, musicians make next to nothing from uploading songs.

    I'm almsot tempted to ask if you're serious!

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