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My sister got my lights turned out. What should I do now?

For Years My family have been treating me WRONG. My brother STOLE my money, my mom and sister accused me of sleeping with their MEN WHICH I NEVER DID!  

Then my other sister got my lights turned out AFTER I PAID the rent at my house (she knew the landlord) plus HE WAS the one paying the LIGHTS and gas! So my MOM called me and said, "You can move back in with me". I gave her $450. Now she's saying that my baby cries too much and SHE literally tried to stab me. I'm trying to move out, BUT I don't have any money because I spent most of it on my son and RENT etc. WHAT SHOULD I do now? 

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  • Pearl
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    6 months ago

    maybe you can go stay in a shelter

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