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Please help my anxiety is driving me crazy I mixed rubbing alcohol with bleach ?

Hey guys my anxiety is driving me nuts!!! Last night I cleaned kitchen counter and sink with isopropyl rubbing alcohol 70% and early this morning I cleaned an entire turkey and to disinfect the area and filled sink with water and 1/2 cup of bleach and dipped a sponge in mixture then cleaned the faucet and countertops. My question is is my family and me in danger I had no clue alcohol and bleach can cause toxic fumes is it still enough alcohol left on counter and sink from last night to mix with the bleach I used this morning??! Please only serious answers only I called poison control twice and she told me it’s ok and just go outside for fresh air.

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    I hope you are alright now...

  • Edna
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    3 weeks ago

    Any residue from the alcohol that was left on the countertop the night before would have long since dissipated before the next morning. Therefore, the bleach and water you used this morning couldn't "mix" with the rubbing alcohol from the night before. The rubbing alcohol was long gone.

    "I had no clue alcohol and bleach can cause toxic fumes".  Well, now you know. But you didn't mix alcohol and bleach. The alcohol fumes had dissipated the night before. You mixed bleach and water to clean the countertops and sink this morning. 

    That mixture isn't going to hurt you - not unless you mixed it up about 98% bleach and 2% water. If you had done that, you would have felt  the effects of the toxic fumes immediately.  You would be coughing; your eyes would be watering; your nose would be running; and your lungs would feel as it they were burning. You might even lose consciousness. 

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    Make sure your life insurance is paid up.

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    Alcohol evaporates extremely fast, on skin in seconds even. Poison control are experts, you are fine.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Before it was widely known about the chemical reaction of various products in combination, I did it once trying to remove mineral deposits from porcelain.

    The smell is strong, chemical-ish, and clearly noxious, and you get faint before you pass out. I was able to move away and not lose consciousness. I breathed clean air in another room, then held my breath and went in to open a window. Problem solved, lesson learned.

    You are in zero danger using the products hours apart, but your anxiety approaches "needs mental health help" level. You'd do better to clean surfaces with a simple antibacterial disinfectant mixed in water, like Mr. Clean or Pine-Sol, than use alcohol or bleach.

  • kelvin
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    3 weeks ago

    no you did not.

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