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Quitting alcohol?

Hey everyone I’m 25 yrs old looking for some answers on how I can quit alcohol without too many withdrawals I’ve been drinking everyday for about 4 -5 months averaging about 8 drinks throughout the day can I wean off safely or should I just quit cold turkey? Everytime I don’t drink I get anxiety heart palpitations muscle spasms and the only thing to cure that seems to be a drink! Ugh it’s awful...  I’m open to any suggestions thank you! 

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    75% of people who quit drinking do it on their own. Some quit "cold turkey" and others cut down gradually. Those who cut down gradually usually find it helpful to keep a written record of how much they drink and when. If you're used to drinking 8 drinks with 2 ounces, try reducing that to 6 drinks with 1.5 ounces. Then 4 drinks with 1 ounce. And so on. Drink tall drinks so that "taste the alcohol" is no longer part of the experience. And drink a full 8 ounces (or more) of water after each drink. 

    Are you taking vitamin and mineral supplements? Eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables? Heart palpitations and muscle spasms are suggestive of dietary deficiencies and/or electrolyte imbalance. 

    An exercise program is very helpful in cutting down on the sauce. You know how AA people go to meetings every night instead of drinking every night? In the same way, you can fill your time with health and fitness activities instead of with drinks and drinking. Look at yourself in the mirror and think about how toned arms and abs are more desirable than the red eyes and bulging belly of the heavy drinker.  

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    Seriously, I encourage you to speak with an MD.  You definitely don't want to go cold turkey -- that is how people end up with delirium tremens (DTs) which is life-threatening.  Tappering can be effective if you have the will power and support. Basically, cut back one drink per day every 3-5 days, spread out the time between each drink, and drink water between each drink.  Over about a 5 week period, you could go from 8 drinks a day to 1.  Then you can take another week or two to water down that drink or cut it in half and then in half and then you're no longer drinking. in mind that this process requires more than will power. You need to address the root cause of your desire to numb yourself with alcohol and to find other, healthier means of dealing with stress, such as exercise. Call the number at the link below and get some help and good luck.

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    exercising will definitely help if you can fight through the depression

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    Maybe talk to a dr.   Anti anxiety meds may be able to be used to help with the anxiety as you go thru withdrawals.   Councelling may help you learn coping mechanisms, or help solve the deeper issues that push you to resort to drinking.

    In the meantime..  Aim to slowly drink less.   This week your goal is only 7 drinks a day instead of 8...  Stretch your time between drinks a lil farther.

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