Do you think America would have less marriages if health insurance was free to everyone?

I’ve heard about so many people who get married in a city hall strictly because one of the people involved either had a terrible health insurance plan or none. It’s sad that we have to find someone to marry just to get decent health insurance if we don’t have a spectacular job, whereas in other Western world countries health insurance is free. 

Also why do married couples get more benefits than single people, why is the government so discriminatory toward single people. Being married is a choice just like staying single is 

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    4 weeks ago
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    My husband and I got married so I could get on his insurance plan.  He wanted to get married, I wanted to live together.  Then I came down with pneumonia with no insurance.  He pointed out that if we were married, I'd be covered.  It was a persuasive argument when I had a fever of 104 degrees and no money to go to the ER.

    That being said, it's rare.  Access to health care is a huge issue in the US, and people do get desperate.  But universal healthcare like what you have in first world countries wouldn't really affect marriage rates.

    And married couples get benefits that affect them as a couple.  For example, I can make medical decisions for my husband.  While you can say this is a special benefit due to us being married, it's not really relevant for most single people.

  • n2mama
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    4 weeks ago

    I literally don’t know a single couple that got married for health insurance reasons. I think that’s more of an urban legend which happens occasionally than a common option people are doing. Not sure what benefits you think married couples get that single people don’t. You’re making blanket inflammatory statements without providing any facts to support them.

  • 4 weeks ago

    you've been watching too many sitcoms if you think it is a usual occurrence for someone to get married just to use their spouse's health insurance and married couples do not get additional government or health insurance benefits and in fact most have to pay the "family rate" for insurance because the only option is single or family insurance plan even if you have no kids

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