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How possible is it that the pain from a wisdom tooth removal lasts forever?

It’s been a week and I’m in pain

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    about zero.  eventually (worst possible outcome) you won't feel it anymore even if signals are being sent.  a week isn't all that long when it comes to major injury, and sometimes wisdom tooth removal causes some pretty major trauma in the jaw area.  Like any severe injury, it can take a couple-few weeks to get back to reasonably normal, depending on the intensity of the injury.

    The main problem is, much like the lower back, the jaw is pretty hard to not use so it never gets the full amount of rest for recovery that it needs, slowing down the recovery.

  • k w
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    4 weeks ago

    simple, dentists made a mistake, bet he doesn't use ozone on the area they worked on or bet you can't drive while on the screwball meds they use either, my jaw was never sore after pulling my root canalled

    teeth either, and the gums were never sore either. AND I never felt any pain, the homeopathic pain killers killed the pain, but never doped me up..... I use a Biological dentist, maybe change dentists, use [ yelp dot com ] to search for a Boliogical, or Whole body dentist , or Holistic dentist who was properly trained the right way....your choice.

    Source(s): I use one, I've had lots of work done, root canals removed, amalgams replaced , Homeopathic medicines used, their pain killers won't dope you up, but will eliminate the pain, and you can drive too ! I know the difference
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    4 weeks ago

    It can last a couple of weeks, you should be taking Ibroprufen to reduce the inflammation.

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    place a wet teabag. Get well soon

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