Me and this guy!?!?

Are these signs a guy likes me?

He texts me as much as he can

He always asks me to hangout whenever he isn’t working or busy. 

He was EXTREMELY tired from work one day, but instead of going home and resting he texted me to hangout instead. 

He straight up told me he liked me and thought I was hot af

We do nothing but laugh together when we’re together. We hangout often and never get bored of each other. 

We’ve gone on three dates so far and not once has he tried just using me and having sex with me. He seems to value more of me as a person than just trying to have sex with me. 

He offered to buy me food without me paying. 

He feeds me his food from his hand. 

He always asks me what I’m doing. 

I was even honest with him in the beginning that I was lying about my age and he chose to forgive me. 

we also made out and it was different from no other. 

Are these really good signs?

2 Answers

  • 4 weeks ago

    Sounds a lil creepy to this girl. Happy that he didn't try and jump your bones after some kissing like some guys. To a lot of people sex is like holding hands. Or its expected. I totally understand a hook-up, one and done, fun and run but a slut is a slut be it male or female. Respect yourself and have fun.I sure do

    Source(s): 21yo f
  • 4 weeks ago

    It sounds like he is interested but is inexperienced in dating. He is beating around the bush too long and should have made his move and started dating officially. You never mentioned kissing so you can assume after 3 dates he should have made out with you. You need to make the first move if your interested in him as you do sound interested because your wasting your time thinking he will do it. 

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