What zodiac sign does each woman sound like?


1 Woman

She is reliable 

She is cheerfull , playful

She like to cosplay

She is mediator 

She is a peace maker

She is easily touch 

She loves to laugh loudly 

She is nonsencial 

She has cute personality 

She easily pity people

She is very kind

She love stray animals

She can be tease 

She is a care taker

She doesn't judge by apperance

She is NOT money minded too

Update 2:

2 Woman 

She is cheerful 

She laugh loudly

She is changable 

She is incedesive

She like to help others to arrange things

She is okay with others who has bad hygeine

She is direct 

She speak her mind 

She is engertic ,sunshine personality

She is hyper

She is clumsy , outgoing , empath

She is patience to learning disablity 

She also will keep distance with her bestfriend  or friend's hubby / boyfriend

Update 3:

3 Woman

She is indepedent , direct , strong , tough 

no nonsense , quiet , shy , kind

She love giving gifts but she don't need gift

She is loyal and will give you freedom

She will watch socceer show with you

She is firm and stubborn kind

She can be defensive with insult

She has bad temper but does NOT hold grudge 

She is transparent but her moods are unpredictable in change like weather 

She is loyal 

Update 4:

4 She is too gentle , silly

She is easily touch , 

She love small animals

She is forgiving , loyal

She is enotional

She love to giggle and laugh

She is blur 

She is NOT alert in surroundings

She love sharing

She is escapist

She is unpunctual

She love to chat and procassinate

She love to chat , talketive 

She is very curious , hard working

She is NOT money minded

She has no survival insticts 

Update 5:

5 Woman

She is cheerful , optismic , laugh loudly

clumsy , direct , risk taker ,playful , trusting

She is hyper ,unfussy , easy to fall in love with her

She is outgoing , friendly , humble , loyal

She is NOT ambitious

She is lovely , sweet forgiving

She is gentle , emotional

& easily touch , selfless

playful , sacrficing , unjudgemental

She is an animal lover 

She is neat and love fashion

 is NOT money minded

dreamy , emotional , soft hearted , loving 

too, generous , empath , not so girly

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    1. Libra, probably with watery influences

    2. Either Gemini or Sagittarius 

    3. Aries with moon in an earth sign

    4. Pisces

    5. Leo/has lots of fire influence but with Venus or moon in a water sign.

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