Why did she had to oppress me despite clearly knowing I have transgender tendencies?

She’s also a feminist which is ironic, but guys, women are feminists when it favors them, outside their cult they’re conservatives.

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  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    Without knowing the nature of this "oppression" it's impossible to know what you're talking about. Transwomen have long been treated badly by the mainstream feminist movement. This is something any transwoman should know before she even delves into one of these groups. Also, there's a reason "Trans Black Lives Matter" have to have totally separate marches from just "Black Lives Matter". Turns out Marxists don't think too highly of you either. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Because trans folks are weird and live an imaginary life. Feminist issues are the only real issues. Black men are naturally violent, sorry.

    Violence spectrum (increasing order)

    - black men

    - hispanic/arab men

    - white men

    - asian men


    - black women

    - hispanic/arab women

    - white women

    - asian women

  • maybe because of her toxic femininity

  • 1 month ago

    Back then I made a prettier girl than her(no offense or bragging but so true).

    This happened to me with a female, she claims attraction to me is evidence I do not look Asian but Taino, when ironically I’m shorter than her and look semi-Asian, in order to push her narrative down my throat(since she knows I was naturally attracted to Indian/Pakistani men over gay white men), she accused me of abandoning her after saying yes to her dating request(on a chat and then cancelled due to ambivalence)which I was ambivalent tone(the yes). But I mostly didn’t even showed interest in her events. But because she wanted to pushed down my throat her narrative that I do not look Asian, then she felt the need to accused me of abandoning her. If I want to feel like a pretty Asian boy then let it be, don’t try to destroy my reputation just because you cannot stand the fact that a subset of gay Asian boys prefer Indian men over white men despite not being into black men, and Indian men are dark too so it’s not colorism. But anyways, what she did, which is disgusting and she deserves punishment for it, is similar to false rape accusations, it’s character assasination, that’s what she tried to do. I felt unhuman but never apologized cuz she’s the one in the wrong despite some people stalking me and asking me if she’s my girlfriend or worse, she probably encouraged gang stalking against me, so yes, she oppressed me.

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