What’s the difference between- fertility problems & reduced fertility. Because I know alcohol can reduce it & smoking it cause problems ?


Also anxiety can reduce 

So again What’s the difference between reduced and problems 

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    Fertility problems is a very generic term that includes ANYTHING that can decrease the chances of becoming pregnant.

    "Reduced" fertility is one of those many fertility problems.  Reduced fertility would usually apply to a male with a lower sperm count or a female with extremely irregular cycles or an older female who is getting closer to menopause.  For women with irregular cycles or older women - they ovulate fewer times per year - which means "reduced fertility".

    Reduced fertility can happen naturally - like in the examples I gave - or it can be caused by health issues or drugs, smoking, and alcohol.  

    Remember - "reduced fertility" is NOT "infertile".   Someone with "reduced fertility" can still become pregnant - it just might be a little harder to get pregnant.

    Anxiety MIGHT reduce fertility - but again - REDUCED fertility is NOT infertile - it just means it MIGHT be harder to get pregnant.

    Personally - I am a female who had extremely irregular cycles.  I would only have a period about once every two to four months.  In a year's time frame - I was usually only ovulating about four to five times per year instead of 12 times like the average woman would.  This is a form of reduced fertility since there was fewer times per year that I even had a chance at pregnancy.  I have two children WITHOUT using any form of medical assistance or fertility program.  Both pregnancies happened within one year of beginning to try for a pregnancy even with the irregular cycles.

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    Yes both these terms are very general terms than the medical terms.

    Fertility problems: Difficulty in getting pregnant

    Reduced fertility : Have less capacity to get pregnant or make someone pregnantSo both terms are not that specific and you cant say anything.If someone has a condition called sub fertility there is a chance of reduce fertility either in male or female side. Fertility problem include some more issues except the level of fertility.Yes smoking, alcohol and lot of factors cause it.You can read a list of factors causing this.

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    Reduced fertility is when you appear to be less fertile than you should be for your age, sex, and state of health (ex: low sperm count or quality in men, diminished ovarian reserve in women). "Fertility problems" is pretty generic, but I guess the difference could be if there is a diagnosable condition or not. That would encompass reduced fertility, though.

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    i dont think theres much of a difference

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    Reduced fertility is only a problem if you want to reproduce. If you don't, it's not a problem.

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