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What companies in California will move your internet router to a room without a telephone master socket? We have AT&T DSL internet.?

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    What you talking about Willis?  I've been in this Internet business for over 20 years and never heard the term telephone master socket?  

    DSL should work with any telephone outlet in your house.  DSL is delivered over the same wires that the old wired telephone system used, but only one outlet in your house at a time.  Most homes come with wired telephone circuits pulled to most every room.  If you don't have a telephone jack in the room you want you can hire either an electrician or someone who installs security alarms to install one in the room you want.  It's not that hard to do yourself to be honest.  Telephone company won't run wires inside of closed walls, so you need to find someone capable of snaking a wire inside the wall.Suggest that you tell us what the problem is you're trying to solve vs what you think the solution is.  The purpose of Wi-Fi is to not have to deal with wiring issues.  Wi-Fi replaced physical wires.  If you have problems getting a Wi-Fi connection because the router is too far away there are other easier ways to solve it, like a mesh router.

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    i would call the companies up and ask them

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