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Ya-Hoo asked in Food & DrinkVegetarian & Vegan · 3 weeks ago

What makes someone go from Vegetarian to Vegan?

Alright, I understand the whole Vegetarian speel, even though I'm not one, but what makes one person go from one extreme to another? For awhile, they are ok with milking goats and cows for cheese and milk then all of a sudden they want no animal products period? They are lucky this is the modern age with heaters and we don't have to use animal hides and furs for warmth. Plus milking an almond seems a bit strange just to go along with beliefs.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Well, it was been a huge change for me. I learn a lot about health and if you realise that milk and dairy products are responsible for diabetes 1 and 2 plus osteoporosis, you can decide to stay healthy or not.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    I think that once a person has been vegetarian for a while it's not that great a leap to become vegan, especially if they make the change gradually. Imagine a vegetarian who could be lactose intolerant and maybe doesn't like eggs. For them, becoming vegan is no great leap.

    There are several reasons for becoming vegan. I think that for most vegans it's a combination of reasons.

    1/ Some simply don't like meat and animal products or they don't like the idea of eating meat and animal products - the idea of consuming bits of dead animal or something secreted by an animal isn't that appetising!

    2/ Some people believe (rightly or wrongly) that a vegan diet is healthier. There used to be posts on this site from people who really did think a vegan diet prevented cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.

    3/ Some people really do think they are “saving the planet” by not buying animal products when they drive to the supermarket to do their shopping.

    4/ Some people believe that farming animals involves cruelty and they want no part of it.

    5/ Some people think that it is simply wrong to breed animals with the sole purpose of killing them for food, when it is not essential.

    6/ Some, usually young, people simply see some cute calves or chickens and decide they want to “help them” by not using any animal products.

    7/ Fashion a peer pressure play their part. With some groups of people it's vegan this month, Justin Beiber next month.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Nothing "makes" thinking people change their ok we and their perceptions. What makes you interested in this?!

  • Pearl
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    3 weeks ago

    probably cause they dont want animal products

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