Does interval recognition help singers?

Will interval recognition help me sing better

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  • 3 weeks ago

    You will be accurate and self-sufficient.  Nobody wants to work with some prima donna who has to be spoon fed everything.  As a professional accompanist for decades, I was resentful and annoyed.  As a teacher of voice and choral music at the same  time, I was adamant that my students would have musical skills as good if not BETTER. than their developing voices.  Take an ear training and sight singing class.  Live and in person when you can - NOT something online or in a CD - they can't hear you, or help you.  Nobody wants to work with a clueless singer.  EVERYBODY is happy to work with a skilled one who is not lost among fine musicians. Learn solfege, good RHYTHM reading, and good intonation. A pretty voice gets you nowhere when they are EDUCATED singers standing next to you.//


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