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Why do I enjoy being mean ?

Being mean to people is something I’ve always loved doing. I’ve gotten banned on Instagram once even because of my comments. It’s always for a reason, but the reasons are usually dumb like they’re annoying or said something I don’t like. When I see someone crying that I don’t like I will try and kick them down more. What is wrong with me? Sometimes I feel bad, but then other times I don’t. Why is it that I love hurting others mentally? I want to stop but being mean to people over dumb reasons if something I enjoy

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    Some people are mean because people were mean to them. Maybe you were once abused or picked on in your life and that's what makes you mean yourself? You take it out on other people because people take it out on you. When you look at Instagram, do you get jealous? Maybe you get angry at people and that's why you put them down. Humans secretly love being angry and taking control of other people. In close relationships, it's easier to be mean because you know where it hurts them the most. 

      When you want to be mean, stop thinking about appearances and stop judging people. Don't think negative thoughts that you might speak out like "She's so fat" or "He's such a crybaby". Work on your empathy for others by thinking what you will feel if they did something to you. Reasons like "they’re annoying or said something I don’t like" are not dumb. That happens to all of us. If they annoy you, tell them to stop in a polite way. Also, be a person that YOU want to be, not what is luring you to be. That way people will like you-you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. If people are nice to you and not annoying, you would become a better person. 

      I'm rooting for you!

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