How to stop search bar from auto filling website?

Here is a full story.  I am using Edge, and when I type in a website, most of the time it is quite accurate.  Well, most of my web activities are with some of the most popular websites like facebook, youtube, yahoo, google, etc.  For example, I would be typing  like this and bam, I can just hit enter because the auto fill will already know I want to get in Google.

Recently, I think I just hit enter too soon, before the computer had the change to auto fill so instead of going to google, Edge just took me to a website which probably the best guess for what website I was trying to get to.  Ever since then, I can no longer to type just and Edge would just take me to Google.  And that has been very very annoying.

My question:  How do I erase my browser from auto filling when I type in

Thank you for people who read my question and providing answer!

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    you would do that in the Windows menu ...................

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