How to quit my dance instructor job?

My boss has been extremely rude for the past 2 years to me, not treating me like an instructor etc.. she’s not protecting any of her staff and allowing kids to bully and disrespect the staff, she is allowing one of the students who have only been dancing for 2 years who is a high school drop out and who bully’s kids to teach I tried to talk to my boss about it and she gets upset at me since this person is her friend, she barley pays me I have to ask for it and sometimes I have to ask more than once she’s been 4 months late of paying me etc... she just brushes off all the issues... I try so hard at the studio and I don’t get any credit for it... I applied to another studio and they offered me to teach a class there that my currant studio doesn’t offer I asked if I could do both she got upset and told me she had to think about it and than blocked me from the Band app so I can’t post videos for my students... the other studio said they would be fine with it but has heard to much about the studio I’m at and says I have to make decision

of leaving or staying as she doesn’t trust my current boss which I understand. I just need to know how to quit without leaving on bad terms she is the kind of person who will be pissed off and try to suck me back in as she’s been pushing me around so much I’m just done and don’t want to deal with the after math of the quitting..   thank you in advanced! 

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  • drip
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    3 weeks ago

    You write a short letter of resignation and hand it to them. After one month of non payment t you should of walked. Speed gives you a good script. If you don’t want to face them in person, write it out and hand it to them.  

  • Speed
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    3 weeks ago

    I would think a dancer would have a much stronger backbone. You've let her push you around, not even paying you promptly, and now you're done and you're unsure how to quit?

    Here's a sample script. Use it as a template to rephrase it using your own words.

    Knock on her office door or approach her when she is alone and not on the phone.

    "I need to talk to you."

    Regardless of her response, including a refusal, you barrel forward. "I am leaving the dance studio. This is my two weeks' notice. My last day will be July 28. I trust you'll make sure I'm paid in full when I leave. I'm glad to have worked with so many wonderful children and I thank you for the opportunity to do that, but it's time for me to move on."

    There, you quit and didn't say anything unpleasant about what a horrible boss she's been, not to mention a horrible person. But wait--she's going to try to manipulate you, because that's what she does.

    Don't fall for it. Do not offer any explanation or complaint, no matter how hard she presses you with "But why?" Just repeat, "It's time for me to go." Over and over and over.

    Fallback plan: She explodes and tells you you're fired. You say, calmly, "You can't fire me. I've already quit. I'll be here until July 28, doing my usual duties, then I'll be gone, with my last paycheck in hand."

    And I'm so relieved to hear you're finally leaving. Good for you!

  • y
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    3 weeks ago

    You don't trust your current boss so leave the studio. Start up at the other one. Although it is unprofessional for students to know where you went, I see it all the time.

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