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How many ml of alcohol in a Captain Morgan & Cola bottle?

I was wondering on marking my own drink rather then buying pre mixed bottled drinks & went to buy a 1L Captain Morgan bottle to mix with coke. I was going to put the CM into my glass but didn’t know how much I should & wanted to exact each time so I would get the same taste of my pour each time. So how many ml should I pour into my glass to get enough but not to much. 

Also does anyone know how much ML of Rum is poured into the bottle or van along with the cola?

Thanks for reading & answering. Your advise will definitely be appreciated  


I mean now many ml of Rum not anything else 

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    A classic rum and coke drink is one part rum, 2 parts coke. That would mean 45 ml of rum, 90 ml of coke. That might be a bit strong for some people. Try it. If it's too strong, add more coke. If it's too weak, add more rum. Measure those things if you really need to know exactly how much. If you want the same taste each time, use the same amounts each time once you know what you like

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    Look at the proof (twice the number of alcoholic percentage) compared to a 

    1 Liter bottle of regular Captain Morgan & then do a mathematical equation.

  • It's a personal taste thing. A good starting point is 1 part rum to 2.5 parts coke. I can't tell you how big those parts are - it depends on the size of the glass and how big a drink you want.

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