I don't have a college degree but don't know how much longer I can tolerate a fast-food job without suicide. Any suggestions ?

I'm considering a phlebotomy course even though my family says that I can't do it but if I have to work at a fast-food job for another 3 months I might kill myself. Target, Walmart, etc sent me rejection emails. 


I live near Columbus Ga 

Update 2:

I just want something different in life 

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    4 weeks ago
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    I worked at a fast food restaurant, for almost two years. I tried to take my assistant manager's job, but I failed, and this is apart from doing my own job.

    Please trust me when I say it's not a hard job to do.

    I didn't have the urge to kill myself. Yes, I got into trouble, for trying to take my assistant manger's job, and, for other minor things too, but working at a fast food restaurant it was doable.

    Now I now longer work at a fast food restaurant. I am self employed.

    I stopped applying, for jobs a long time go. Do yourself a favor, and stop applying, for jobs.

    I attended college, and I am self taught too. I graduated from college when I was 21 years old, and now I am in my thirties.

    I am trying to take the initiative to develop a career, for myself instead of applying everything, for jobs.

    There are family members who don't uplift other members. They prefer to say something like you will always be a failure. You are useless. You are a moron. You are no good, for nothing. You are stupid. You can't do what you say you can do.

    Just ignore those comments, and move on with your life!!!

    Just take the course if you want to take it, and make sure you study hard, and learn something from it.

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    Becoming a caregiver is an option, no experience or degree needed, do you have a Smartphone and insured vehicle? These are requirements for such a job...hope you find what you need.  I went from fast food to a caregiver role... it's worked well for the past three years for me...

    Source(s): Becoming a caregiver is an option, no experience or degree, do you have a Smartphone and insured vehicle? These are requirements for such a job...hope you find what you need
  • 4 weeks ago

    Go to school that does coop or fieldbplacement 

  • 4 weeks ago

    You have a couple options:

    1. Apply to any job just to make sure you have a job. 

    2. Get a certificate in something look at a local community college.

    If I were you I would just go to a local community college and see if you can get a job on campus that way working on campus can boost some self confidence.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    {Oops. I thought you said LABOTOMY.} Does your family know (something like) you are squeemish around blood so phlebotomy would truly be wrong for you ??  The old standby is the military. Good luck.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    a phlebotomy course is UNLIKELY to get you a job.

    i worked a minimum wage food job part time and I got promoted. Then I got promoted again. I saved my money and started my own business. Have not worked for anyone since and retired at about 40.

  • Scott
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    4 weeks ago

    You don't need a college degree to get a better job. Don't know why you got rejected from Target, et al. Most of the people who work at Target and Walmart don't have college degrees. I think you need to figure out how to present yourself to prospective employers.

  • Jay
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    4 weeks ago

    My reply is a copy of part of an employment article I researched and wrote for a business website 2 years ago.  It is still valid:

    "Most people, and you are probably one of them, are not willing to take a huge pay cut in the hopes that a better position will open up soon. And unless the company is huge – with hundreds of employees – the chances are very good you will STAY in the low paying position for years. So, now that the bills are being paid it is time to look for something better.You NEED to know how to get your foot in the door in a place you want to work. You want more information on how to get the job that isn’t going to be advertised!So, YOU need to know is how to apply for a job where there are no apparent jobs advertised. You may say, “if there are no jobs advertised, then why am I wasting my time?” In the beginning of this article I wrote “The first thing you need to know and understand is that most companies prefer to hire from within.”At any given time, within 10 miles of most people, there are 10 jobs available. Some of these jobs are sitting vacant because people at the company are waiting for sales reports before they hire, others are vacant because someone left unexpectedly, and some are vacant because the hiring process is clumsy. None of these jobs will be advertised immediately, sometimes it is because they want to hire from within, sometimes because the manager is too busy to place an ad, and sometimes because the company assumes someone within the company will take on the extra duties without more pay.What you want to do is make these people aware that you are not only available, but you are the person they want to come into their organization and do the job.How do you do this?First: Look at your resume. What kind of job (s) are you looking for? (Make a list)Second: Look at your city or town. Are there companies that have the kinds of jobs you are looking for? (Make a list)Third: Are there companies or organizations that you think you may like working for, but you are not certain what you can do for them? (Make a list)Fourth, see if you can figure out what kind of ‘pain’ a company has that you can fix.(Companies do not do ANYTHING unless they have a 'PAIN' they need fixed.A 'PAIN' is anything that needs to be done and is not getting done..more to the point...a 'PAIN' is something the management wants and needs done...but no one in the organization can take it on or do it right.) Look at your second list. For each company there, do a little research. See if you can find their website and read it. Try to find the names of the president, vice president, and the decision makers. If they are close enough – go there. Talk to people who work there…talk to the receptionist at the front desk. Be nice. “Hey I’ve been reading about this company on line. It seems really great. Is this a great place to work for you?” Most people will be happy to gush to a stranger. If the place is great, you will find out…and if the place is a pit, you will find out. You will get a lot of information that you can use. The receptionist sees people come in and out and the receptionist knows the employees and knows how fast they leave or how long they stay.If the company is in an office building, see if there is a café or snack shop in the building. Go in during a slow time after lunch is good…and buy a coffee or sandwich and chat up the person who works there. (Hey, isn’t THE CORP in this building? Are the employees nice? You wouldn’t happen to know if they are hiring, would you?) I’ve done this. If the company is large (over 20 employees) and it is in a building or office park, there will ALWAYS be a place that the employees frequent because it is close.When sitting at the counter with a doughnut and a coffee, I was able to speak with a waitress. She told me that the company I was asking about was probably a ‘dump’ because the employees changed so frequently, she only recognized a couple who had been there more than a year. That told me two things immediately #1 The company was hiring and #2 There was something going on that made people want to leave almost immediately. I decided to cross that company off my list.On other occasions I have found out that the company was expanding or that one person was worried because another person was going to give notice. Those are the things to listen out for. Once you have the information you need – (i/e the company is nice and there could be openings soon) you can go to the next step.Check their website to see if they post the names of their Department Heads or primary decision makers. If not, call the company. Ask, “who is the person in charge of (The department you want to work in)” or Who is the person to direct inquires to regarding … (if you are a sales person – sales. If you are an accountant- Accounts receivable, Accounts payable or Bookkeeping. If you are an IT professional you want the name of the head of IT). Thank them. If they ask to transfer you, say sure…and hang up while you are on hold. Remember you are just fishing for information at this moment. Now, armed with knowledge of the company, the names of decision makers, and the name of the head of the department you want to work in – you can start work to get a job with this company that is “not advertising.’I’m going to use as an example ‘Sally Main’ (not her real name). This was an incredibly well organized person with a B.A. in Marketing who had only ever managed the ‘Print Center’ in a chain store. So, when, two years after finishing her degree, Sally hasn’t moved on to a ‘career’, she decided to change to these tactics.She used a search engine to find all of the companies that did the kind of things she was interested/had training in. She narrowed them down to the ones that were close enough for her to get to. She researched the ones that she could, on line, through job rating websites like ‘Glass door’ and the others she tried to visit the buildings.After finding out as much as she could she sent her resume and cover letter to the department heads – regardless of whether or not the company was actively advertising positions. And it took only 6 months of applying for these ‘unadvertised positions’ for her to achieve a position – entry level- but at a higher salary than she’d been making. "

  • Damien
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    4 weeks ago

    its just a course, not a degree or diploma? will that certificate get you a job?Why do you hate fast food? Is it the low pay or having to deal with customers?Dont kill yourself, when u have no job, no money,no place to live , thats when people think of suicide.

  • A
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    4 weeks ago

    Take the phlebotomy course and work your butt off, if this is what you want, go for it.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself, you are in charge of your life, make good decisions

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