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What is a VPN?

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    VPN(Virtual Private Network) is the easiest and most effective way for people to protect their internet traffic and hide their identities online.

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    VPN = Virtual Private Network.  Although there a bunch of ya-buts to this, a VPN connection (also called a tunnel) is encrypted, meaning what you send/receive is private, but only between your device and the VPN server.

    The way it works is you have a client piece of software on your device that sits between your applications and the network.  This client establishes a secure tunnel to a VPN server somewhere on the Internet.  Everything you send and receive goes through this secure tunnel.

    So from your device to the VPN server everything is secure.  From the VPN server to your target destination everything is in the clear, just like when you don't use a VPN.  It provides a way to mask your location, you look like you are where the VPN server is.  

    A VPN does add overhead to your Internet connection.  The Internet "speaks" in small little chunks of information called packets.  When you use a VPN it adds addition bytes of VPN info to each packet, which "can" add substantial overhead depending on what application you are using.  For example, video is sent using lots of small packets (64 bytes long) , if you add 24 bytes of IPsec header, you added 30% overhead which can impact your experience, depending on how much bandwidth you have.

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    virtual private network. nobody can see you on the net. it's like your trail on the net is inside a tube. nobody can see where you go or what you do on the net. 

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