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How do you get an autistic adult to wear a face mask?

My relative is 20 years old, but he acts mentally 3 years old. How do I get him to wear a face mask when out in this current pandemic? :\

Thank you for the help

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    I can tell you what we did with an 8 year old who didn't want to wear one. We found some that related to his interests. He's ok with wearing one that looks like military camoflage, and another that looks like his favorite Pikachu character- he thinks of it more as a Halloween costume. 

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    If at all possible keep him or her home.and explain why.

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    this is not strictly about not want to, a desired mask will help, but it is more complicated than that with autism.

    added, if you can't find one, you should write a social story...if you can take pics of the person wearing a mask, putting it taking it off.

    Write a story with pictures.

    A lot of people are getting sick.

    We can try to stay healthy by wearing a mask.

    This is how (relative) wears a mask.

    He wears it in the store or when around a lot of people.

    He can take it off at home and in the car.

    are you in the US, at 20 an adult should still be eligible for public school services and that student should have an occupational and behavioral therapist to advise you.

    if the person is no longer in school, look into getting services though a therapy office.

    there are 2 main aspects you have to work on, behavior compliance and tolerating the mask.

    for many people with autism, they cannot tolerate the mask on their face and even if they can, they don't understand why.  they are medically exempt from wearing a mask.

    look up some youtube videos from Fathering Autism.  I didn't see anything detailed, but they document trying to get their daughter to tolerate and she is improving.

    1st step is to deal with sensory issues that make it uncomfortable, providing sensory input to the face, tolerating the straps, etc.

    the other part is rewarding compliance.

    you may have to start with just allowing the mask to go on, and reward that...

    then, leave it on for 5 seconds, etc until it can be tolerated longer

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    I’m an adult with Aspergers Syndrome and I’ve no problem wearing a face mask when going on the bus. If someone is being difficult about not wanting to wear a face mask, use kind words like “please wear this” or explain to them why wearing a face mask is important. If someone has attention difficulties when communicating with them, show the face mask in front of them when at the same time you’re also wearing a face mask.

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    A mask is only helpful, barely, at stopping someone from spreading the disease. So, if this person is not infected, it isn't necessary for them to wear a mask.

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