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When can I have contact with my boyfriend if he and his family tested positive for COVID-19?

My boyfriend and his family caught the virus, they all started showing symptoms at different pace. My boyfriends mom started showing symptoms first and then a week later my boyfriend did, the same day we both went to get tested, he tested positive and I tested negative. Another week has passed and now his little sister is showing symptoms. I was wondering once my boyfriend has tested negative, is it safe for him to come over to my house? Or do I have to wait until his whole family test negative for him to come over?

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    Even when he tests negative, he should be isolated for another three days without symptoms. But since he is in a house with other people with symptoms, it's not really an isolation. I would wait for negative tests for everybody in the house, plus another 3 days without any symptoms. Or 10 days after the last positive test or symptoms, whichever is longer.

    Under these rules, he *probably* will not spread it ... he can spread the virus, even if he doesn't have symptoms himself. But if somebody in his house has the virus, then he definitely can spread it .. on his clothing, on his skin, saliva, sweat, etc.

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