I wanted to see if I could get an answer. I cant work. And ive been waiting for unemployment for 10 weeks now. And I have had no money come in at all. And I cant get in contact with anyone. Im about to lose my house and I havent been able to buy any food for my kid this week. I have maybe $10 left and no one to ask for money anymore. My savings is drained. What am i supposed to do in this situation. Ive been told by family and friends they wont help me anymore. I dont qualify for a loan. And my credit card has been shut off due to lack of payments. Why do they let people suffer like this? They saif max 4-6 weeks. That was 4 almost 5 weeks ago. And I'm so stressed on what to do. 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    You don't qualify for unemployment benefits, so stop whining about it.  Your best option would be to sell the house and either buy a smaller, less expensive one that leaves you a bundle of money left over or rent after that - an inexpensive place.  Meanwhile, sell stuff you own - got a china cabinet?  That might be worth $150 or $200.  Sell your car.  An extra dresser that you don't really need?  That might be worth $100.  At least you and your kid will have some food.  It wasn't too bright to buy a house that you can't afford.  You should have a lot more money saved that just 5 months worth.  Speaking about savings - have you got money in a 401k or an IRA that you can take out?  Why can't you work?  You know, when you can't work, you don't qualify for unemployment, so start thinking about what you can do about your situation.  Focusing on what you do not qualify for or on what you do not have won't help.

  • 3 weeks ago

    If you CAN'T work, then you don't actually qualify for unemployment.  It requires you be able to work.

  • 3 weeks ago

    So gat a piece of cardboard and write on it "Homeless Hungry Please Help God Bless" and stand out on a busy street corner and beg for money.  It works for plenty of people around my community.  I hear they rake in $100 a day.  Take your kid with you.  It will gain sympathy.  I also recommend you sell your house before the bank forecloses on you.  At lest that way you will get something back.  Sell your household items, furniture, etc.  You can't afford to store it in a self-storage unit.  Learn to live out of a backpack.  The only other choice is to get a job somewhere, anywhere, to bring in some cash, at least enough to pay for a long-term motel room and feed your family.  I see hiring signs all over, like at McDonalds and other fast food drive-thru restaurants with carry-out and delivery.  

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