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Can the chair, treasurer and secretary dismiss a manager without involving the parents who are also supposed to be part of the committee?

The manager of my child's preschool just stopped coming into work. The three main committee members have been keeping things from the parents. There has been no meetings since Sept/Oct 2019. They have started charging sundries of £1.35 per hour per child without consulting the parents, we don't know how much is in the bank, what our fundraising has contributed to and now the manager hasn't been in the preschool for nearly 4 weeks and they haven't told us what has happened. Are they allowed to do this as I thought parents were supposed to be involved in decisions?

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    The parents have ZERO say in hiring and firing decisions of a preschool. They are not on 'the committee' which probably doesn't even exist.

    The charges you describe sound fishy at best, but that has NOTHING to do with the apparently former manager.

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    Without reading the articles of association it is impossible to say

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