Is bioinformatics masters degree eligible for CS roles in H1b visa? The candidate has couple of years of experience IT industry? ?

What are chances of RFE or denial? Moreover, 2021 could see more denials due to pandemic?


Non US master degree

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  • Foofa
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    4 weeks ago

    If your MA is from an accredited uni and a US employer can prove there's no one here already to take the job they may be able to sponsor that for you. But denials require someone to actually be looking over the files and that's not really happening right now. So it wouldn't be more denials, it would just be a very slow process as they deal with backlogged cases (probably on a modified staffing/work schedule).

  • 4 weeks ago

    Only qualified employers can apply for any employment visa for their foreign employee. You cannot apply. So first, you have to find a job opening with a qualified employer who is willing & able to consider foreign applicants. Expect to compete with 100-1000 other applicants from around the world for any job which offers any chance of a temporary employment visa - that's quite common. IF you are the one hired, your employer will apply for the visa when H1-b visa application period opens 1 April next year.

    What's the international ranking of your university/ies & its reputation? How well did you do (GPA, etc.)? Reputation of your employer, and your performance record there? These matter in hiring decisions, especially given the competition for jobs.Due to covid, many employees began working from home - telecommuting. Already (as of 2019) just over 35% of American workers were working from home - telecommuting, small business, online business, freelance, independent contractors working per-project, etc. With the terrific expansion of working from home, telecommuting, etc. this year, many companies are deciding to continue such telecommuting. Some companies (e.g. Twitter) will no longer have employees working in their offices - going all-remote workers. Expect this trend to accelerate! So opportunities for foreign workers to actually work in the foreign country are highly likely to shrink dramatically. If your type of work can be done online/remotely, your chances of working abroad are becoming slim-to-none. Technology is eliminating the need for millions of workers to "come into the office." 

  • 4 weeks ago

    A company has to offer you a job and sponsor you for the visa.  You cannot apply on your own.

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