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if every student has their own unique abilities, why do teachers make every student do projects that are not within the students capability?

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    it is lots easier to teach that way.  a virtual necessity, in fact.  did you know that the typical middle school class size in America's expensive private boarding schools is ten [10]??  there's a reason for that ... ten is about all the individual lesson plans teacher can create and execute.  But, they get great results ... very high quality education for their students.  -- Grampa [I've lived on such campuses for weeks at a time.]

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    They are doing this way with middle school and high school. Not elementary. Each state have law requiring every students get certin credits from listed projects whatever if they are good with it or not. If student are good with one field then they will place them to advance class. If student done poorly in this one subjects then they will put them lowest level school has. Smaller school have limit choice which students might stuck with whatever school is having. Big school got more different level which more suitable for student.

    Most state required each school to teach 7 different education, 1. MATH, 2. SCIENCE, 3. HISTORY 4. MUSIC, 5. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, 6. ARTS, 7. GEOGRAPHY.

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    Because your capability doesn't expand or improve if you only ever do things that are within your present capability. How would you even know what abilities you have if you never try anything new?  Entering grade 9, I couldn't speak or write any French, wouldn't have chosen it as a subject, and there was no way for anyone to tell if I'd be any good at it or not. But taking it was a requirement, so I took it. It turned out to be my best subject in school.

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    I was a teacher for 15 years. The way this is supposed to go (in 5th grade) was Mom would give me a call and we would modify the project until the student could complete it.

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  • School is just an attempt at homogenizing a group of diverse kids, so it’s an intrinsic fault within the system from what I understand.

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