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Is my lying really bad or only somewhat bad?

When I say anything at all... anything. I may accidentally lie without thinking about it. It's usually not something big, more like these 3 situations. 

1: lie: "This bug crawled on me and woke me up so that's why I am awake." the Truth: (I found the bug in the kitchen and automatically used it to explain why I was awake past 3:34 AM.)

2: lie: "My entire body is sore due to exercising so no I won't run today." the Truth: (Only my legs are sore but that didn't seem like a big enough reason at the moment.)

3: lie: "Yeah I already ate, see the ramen cup? I ate" the Truth: (The ramen cup is from yesterday when I got hungry at the first lie time (3:34 AM.) but I just didn't feel like getting up so I make up an excuse)

Those are the kinds of lie's I tell. Is this bad? how Bad? and should I try and change it.  

I mean the lies only really just keep me out of trouble. or well sometimes they cause trouble like this example: Lie: "Yeah I deleted all of my school work. why? because i hate my teacher I hate the work and it only makes me feel like garbage." the truth: (the only lie here is that I deleted all my school work. I only deleted one. I was too scared to delete the rest. later I pretended that I recovered the files.) 

this is how I might lie to make something seem either smaller of bigger than it really is. ultimately they usually help but when I get upset they will purposely try to harm me so are they bad or ok? if bad, how bad and should I try to get rid of the habit?


Oh and like I said before I never realize that I was lying till later when I think about what i said. I even make false memory's correlating to what I did so I think it can best be described as lying not just to everyone else but also myself. I feel I have forgotten some of the times I have lied, it's just so common.

Update 2:

Oh and because I forgot to mention it Nobody is Ever Been able to call me out on my Lie and I Doubt Anyone Ever Will. So is it bad or is it acceptable?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    So basically you live in a fantasy world because you are frightened of the real world?  You don't have enough self esteem to tell the truth even about this trivia?  Why is that do you think?  Maybe some counselling would help you to find out why you feel the need for these small lies to 'save' yourself from others.  It's a habit you ought to break soon because it will snowball as you get older and you'll get known as a liar.....and who wants a reputation like that?

  • 3 weeks ago

    When you get upset "they will purposely try to harm you"? WHO will?

  • Lying, no matter how seemingly innocuous, is always (with rare exceptions) a bad thing, especially when it’s to yourself. You could very well get to a point in the future if you continue to deceive yourself where you can be convinced that a lie is true, which, if you continue from there, is utter chaos. You’d be surprised how far the truth can get you, even in situations where it seems like a white lie would be of more utility. 

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