How can we clean Ocean from Plastic Wastage?

Any Ocean Cleaner? or Manufecture who can use this plastic wastage?

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  • 2 months ago

    Dangers of getting the ocean polluted with plastic wastes are not understood by  many countries and therefore wastes are dumped in the oceans  . We do not know whether  pollution of ocean waters will result in people getting new type of diseases  that can not be cured  by any medicines . or  it will cause  a new type of pandemic that can;t be controlled.

     Collection of the wastes from the ocean will cost  lots  of money . and the recycling may not be a  financially viable proposition.So one solution is to reduce the production of non recyclable plastics by all countries, impose fine on countries dumping plastic wastes in the ocean( though there may be practical difficulties) and resolve the problem of harmful   gases like dioxin produced during the burning of plastic wastes so that plastic wastes can be burnt and disposed of as is done by Singapore, a small country  ruled by sensible Asian  people

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    2 months ago

    The plastic can be reused, but there are several problems.

    1. Most is entering the ocean from Asia countries that really at this point, do not care.

    2. All the plastic can not be reused and that plastic has no value.

    3. The cost to retrieve, sort, and reuse will be 2-3 times the cost of creating more virgin plastic. The companies doing it are really after the PR, not the environmental benefit.

  • 2 months ago

    Stop throwing Q#%$#% into it would be a good start.

  • 2 months ago

    There have been mechanisms designed to clean floating plastics from the ocean but there are two problems. One is that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is very diffuse, so that it requires a great deal of fuel to get to and collect the plastic. The second problem is that the uses for the collected plastics are few and usually require an appeal to environmentalism to get anyone to buy the end-products.

    As far as going back to natural fibers goes, they wrinkle. The savings in petroleum are more then offset by the necessity of having to iron the clothing made from all-natural fibers. Besides, the usual use for much of the plastic is as insulation in jackets. As I said, there are not many uses for plastic wastes like LDPE (grocery bags, etc.).

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  • 2 months ago

    The plastic pollution problem in the world has been snowballing since last few decades. Amid grave situation, the consolation is the public awareness as well as action taken by authorities and enthusiasts to put off this catastrophe. Millions of tons of plastic waste is found to enter the oceans of the world from the coastal regions. Statistics show that an alarming volume of plastic waste has been invading our natural resources, threatening to void them of their potential, if left unman-aged and controlled.

    It is estimated that nearly 410,000 to 4 million tonnes of wastes (mainly plastics) are reaching ocean via rivers every year. This causes plastic pollution in oceans and affects its environment.

    In light of this we should ALL return to the use of natural products made from cotton, hemp & wool ASAP. Nature produces & concentrates absolutely nothing which cannot be fully recycled at the local level with time & minimal energy input.

    Manual and machinery work are going on to get our environment clean so one the organisation, is manually working with volunteer and through the donation which gets collected. 

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